Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Benefits Of Adding Landscaping Stones To Your Garden

Landscaping stones do not decay like its organic counterparts. It is a beautiful and cost effective option for your garden.

If you are looking for a new ground cover in your yard, you have a few options. You can choose a synthetic material like landscape fabrics or recycled rubber strips. There are also more organic options like mulch or even inorganic mulch. Rocks are perhaps one of the best and most common ground covers for home or industrial landscaping. Generally, it draws consumers because it is cost effective and aesthetically appealing. The sheer variety of landscaping stones means almost any garden or outdoor set-up can easily incorporate them into the design for a little pop or something extra.

One of the most important benefits of landscaping stones is their relatively low maintenance. Ground cover such as plants, vines and shrubs require constant tending. They must be pruned and trimmed regularly. Additionally, sometimes ground workers will have to replace the plants after harsh weather conditions. However, rocks are not living and as a result, do not need to be monitored as closely. While wood chips and bark must be refreshed as the color fades, rocks usually just need to be washed or combed for debris.

Other ground covers will eventually decompose as they continue in their life cycle. In this case, rocks escape the passage of time. As the stones encounter weather elements, they may becomes more smooth or a bit smaller over time, but this will be undetectable to the human eye for years before it becomes an issue. Mulches and plants on the other hand will create layer after layer of debris as leaves fall off and regrow. While this is ideal for farming land, it may detract from an otherwise beautiful garden.

Durability is an important factor when choosing what materials to work with in your garden. If you have a high traffic area, you probably do not want any living or organic matter in the area. Anything living will be trampled and will not get a chance to grow where people frequently walk or sit. Instead, a gravel or stone walkway will last the years with relatively easy maintenance and only one major purchase of materials.

Bugs can kill a garden as fast as drought. Wood chips and mulch are beautiful, but their natural decomposition will attract all types of insects to your yard. Termite especially love decomposing wood and can travel into other areas of the home. Using gravel or another landscaping stone can minimize the risk of bug issues because it will not decompose.

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