Monday, 13 April 2015

Understanding Different Types Of Gravel

Various types of gravel can be used for different purposes, from functional to decorative purposes. Consider the pros and cons of each type of gravel to select the material best suited for your project.

Gravel is simply an assortment of loose rocks that have either been worn down by water, or have been pounded until they became their current shape. This aggregate of stones can serve a number of different purposes. Gravel is extremely useful when it comes to paving a driveway, or a small road through a forest or a country side. Gravel can provide an attractive contrast to dirt, grass, or trees when a person is landscaping their home. Because its usages are so diverse, and it is made up of many different types of rocks, there are many different types of gravel. Choosing the best type of gravel for a specific project requires the person completing the project to be knowledgeable about differences in gravel.

Crushed asphalt is used to make one type of gravel. This gravel is ideal for paving a driveway for a number of reasons. First of all, it has an attractive dark look to it. Since it is made from the material that is used to make asphalt roads, the finished product often looks like a professionally paved road. When this type of gravel has been rolled over with a heavy roller that vibrates, it helps the rocks bind together. When this happens the surface looks and feels like it has been paved. The sun can also heat up the surfaces, and bind the rocks together which prevents dust from kicking up when a person drives over the top of this gravel.

One type of gravel is made up of concrete that has been crushed. This type of gravel may not be as attractive as other types of gravel, but it has a couple of qualities that make it ideal to use as a base. Because of the different types of material that can be found in this gravel, it will pack together hard. Gravel that will do this can provide excellent stability. Some people use crushed concrete as the base of a road or a driveway, and then they put more attractive gravel on top to make it look nicer.

Some of the more attractive types of gravel are made from natural rocks such as limestone or dolomite. Gravels that are made up of these types of materials have a beautifully clean look about them. Their appearance is almost white, which can provide a nice rustic beauty to the drive way or road they are paving. This type of gravel will pack together nicely, but it can also be a little dusty.

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